Missale Romanum

Missale Romanum

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Missale Romanum 1962 - Editio iuxta Typicam

This is the first printing of the Missale Romanum 1962 edition with ecclesiastical approval for quite some time. Several priests were involved in the publishing of this Missale. One could say, quite literally, that the experience of many years of daily celebration of the Holy Mass has been incorporated in its design.

With great attention to detail, care was taken to have an easily readable font, clear design and a refined setting. The margins should be large enough and the paper smooth. It is hoped that this new "old Missal" will not only give the glory to God, but also delight many priests and faithful.

The high quality features of this beautifully produced Missale Romanum include: 1224 pages with gilt edges, 9" x 12 1/4", about 2 1/8"thick, 5/8" handmade plastic tabs on both sides, bordered bands, cover in burgundy split leather with gold stamping, and includes a sturdy Missal slipcase.

**Please note that since this Missal was printed in Germany, the propers for the United States or Canada are not included.**