On Islam by James V Schall S.J.

On Islam by James V Schall S.J.

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On Islam 
A Chronological Record 2002 - 2018    
By James V Schall S.J.

This Catholic book examines the various acts of terrorism and violence that have rocked the world, beginning in the year 2002 to present. In here you'll discover that such violence has a source, rooted in the teachings of Islam itself. If you're interested in how Muslims believe in their faith, versus what other people say about what Muslims believe, this in-depth book is for you.

In here you find information about:
- The mentality of the suicide bombers and martyrdom.
- The Islamic State
- Hilaire Belloc's reflections on the "Apparently Unconvertible Religion"
- The beheading of Christians
- The attacks at Manchester and Barcelona
- The future of ISIS, details on the Qur'an and more.

Softcover, 263 pages
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