Pope Francis - The Story of the Holy Father

Pope Francis - The Story of the Holy Father by Marie Duhamel

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By: Marie Duhamel
Hardcover - 144pp

The only Vatican-sanctioned illustrated biography of the beloved pontiff filled with rarely seen photographs and 50 removable document facsimiles.

Beginning with his birth as Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Argentina in 1936, this Catholic book follows his life from his childhood and overcoming life-threatening pneumonia as a young adult, to his studies in a Jesuit seminary and rise from priest to bishop to cardinal to pope. The book explores his concern for the poor and chronicles his recent travel around the world. The enclosed documents include facsimiles of Bergoglio's birth certificate, photographs from his childhood, pages from a school notebook, handwritten notes as Pope Francis, and even a support card for his beloved San Lorenzo soccer club.

With a foreword by Federico Lombardi, director of the Press Office of the Holy See in Rome, and the endorsement of the Vatican, "Pope Francis" is a glorious celebration of this popular pontiff and his remarkable papacy. Place into the cart or wish list above.