Radio Replies by Fr Leslie Rumble

Radio Replies by Fr Leslie Rumble

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Classic Answers to Timeless Questions about the Catholic Faith
By Fr. Leslie Rumble

Father Leslie Rumble was the godfather of radio apologists and one of the Catholic media superstars of his day. During the 1920s and 30s his show helped millions of people understand and explain the teachings of Catholicism. Then his "Radio Replies" books ( once a three-volume set collecting the best questions and answers from his show ) helped millions more, becoming one of the most beloved resources of the modern apologetics renaissance.

Now "Radio Replies" is back and better than ever! This new Catholic book has taken the thousands of questions from the original three volumes and pared them to a single volume that eliminates duplicate or dated entries. The result is an attractive and readable edition that makes Fr. Rumbles wisdom, wit, and witness more accessible than ever before.

From the Bible to baptism; from Christian morality to the marks of the Church; from the nature of man to the evidence for God in nature; "Radio Replies" is a one-stop shop for smart and sound information about the Catholic Faith. A must-have for every Catholics bookshelf! Add to the cart or wish list above.