Raising Pure Teens by Jason Evert and Chris Stefanick

Raising Pure Teens by Jason Evert and Chris Stefanick

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By: Jason Evert & Chris Stefanick

10 strategies to protect (or restore) your teenager's innocence!

Have a hard time connecting with your teenager about chastity?

You could probably come up with a whole telephone-book-sized list of activities youd rather be doing than talking to your teenagers about sex. In todays culture, though, who can afford to raise their children without the truth about human sexuality?

With the pornification of everything from adolescent fashions to primetime television commercials, who can take a chance on withholding from kids the real score on human sexuality?

As your childrens primary educators, its your right and duty to make sure your children are forearmed and forewarned when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex in a Catholic way and resisting the secular worlds false vision of sexuality.

In Raising Pure Teens, noted chastity speakers Jason Evert and Chris Stefanick incorporate the Churchs wisdom with 10 proven strategies for talking with teens about chastity. They offer a perfect blend of humor and sobriety, real-life stories and effective metaphors, cutting-edge science and undeniable logic.

Once you read Raising Pure Teens, youll realize youre not alone in bringing these beautiful truths to your teensand you wont be alone as you help them implement these teachings in their own lives.

Softcover - 218 pages