Sermons In Times Of Crisis by Rev Paul D Scalia

Sermons In Times Of Crisis by Rev Paul D Scalia

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Sermons In Times Of Crisis
Twelve Homilies To Stir Your Soul
By Rev Paul D Scalia

While in the midst of a terrible crisis, it can be easy to forget that the Catholic Church has suffered previous scandals, heresies and persecutions of the past. Through each, heroic bishops and priests arose and preached the true Gospel, whatever the cost. Whether it was to rebuke emperors, or oppose a false doctrine, encourage the faithful, or defend the truth itself, these men ascended pulpits and delivered some of the most powerful sermons in history.

Read the voices of:
- Saint Ambrose of Milan
- Augustine
- St. John Chrysostom
- Edmund Campion
- And even John Paul II, now sainted! And more!

Total of twelve homilies to lift your spirits, and reassure you that one of the hallmarks of authenticity is how the Church has survived scandals and more, and remains today.

Hardcover, 192 pages
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