The Prayerpath to Jesus Through Mary

The Prayerpath to Jesus Through Mary

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160 pages

This Catholic prayer book is a sequel to The Scriptural Rosary, which has sold over a million copies. It extends the 15 Marian mysteries to 33 mysteries summarizing and celebrating the life and teachings of Jesus. In this way, The Prayerpath offers an authentic biblical response to the centuries - old exhortation of Marian preachers: "Ad Jesum per Mariam" (To Jesus through Mary). Get a clear and reflective direction to Jesus now with the Prayerpath to Jesus though Mary prayer book by adding it to your cart or wish list above.

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An engaging alternative to the traditional rosary
This scriptural rosary provides a rich and meaningful journey through the life of Jesus, mediated through the ancient prayer beads of the rosary. While most people are unaware of the great changes in the use of the rosary over the centuries, the 50-Hail Mary version so commonplace now is not the only alternative. Approved with an appropriate Imprimatur, this prayerful book leads you through the life, miracles, promises, teachings, sufferings and glories of our Lord, replacing the repetition of the traditional rosary with a comprehensive 33-mystery journey through Christs life and resurrection. I highly recommend it for those seeking a rich alternative to the rote rosary, while still achieving its ultimate purpose -- approaching Christ in our daily lives.
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