The Spiritual Life and Prayer by Cecile Bruyere, OSB

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According to Scripture and Monastic Tradition
By Cecile Bruyere, OSB
Translated from the French by the nuns of Stanbrook Abbey
Softcover - 340pp
Printed in USA

The present treatise on prayer was first of all printed privately in the French language, and was intended exclusively for the instruction of the daughters of St Benedict. All souls, however, who are aiming at perfection may derive profit and edification from its pages. The spirit of the venerable Abbot Gueranger breathes through the whole work. What this distinguished man thought on the all-important subject of prayer, what he expressed in his conferences, and what he wrote in many parts of his classical work, The Liturgical Year, is found here systematically arranged. Some of the chapters are real masterpieces. - Mgr. Paul Leopold Haffner, Bishop of Mayence, September 10, 1896.

This traditional Catholic book is a spiritual treatise on the soul's journey to God. Carefully considering the spiritual life as lived among the trials of the world, the Sacraments, the author considers who are the true worshipers of God and how we become such based on the testimony of Sacred Tradition and the Holy Fathers. Though it is a century old, being based on such timeless testimony it has not lost its luster.

This work is a beautiful and orthodox treatise on spirituality that is not just for monks, but for anyone serious about living a true spiritual life. Place into the cart or wish list above.

Some content includes:
- Who are apt for the spiritual life?
- Who are they that advance the ost rapidly in the spiritual life?
- Should mental prayer be made with method or without method?
- Of prophecy as understood in ancient times
- The true adoers and more!