Andrea Bocelli Si CD by Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli Si CD by Andrea Bocelli

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Andrea Bocelli, Si CD
Catholic Music and Media

This album of all-new songs features a collection of music that celebrates faith, family and love. Including a new release of the first-ever recording of a duet Bocelli did with his son Matteo. Also included are collaborations with other globally renowned artists. The beloved Italian tenor brings you classic pieces as well as inspirational songs to lift the soul. Twelve tracks total!

1. Ali di Libert
2. Amo Soltanto Te
3. Un'Anima
4. If Only
5. Gloria The Gift Of Life
6. Fall On Me
7. We Will Meet Once Again
8. I Am Here
9. Vertigo
10. Vivo
11. Dormi Dormi
12. Ave Maria Pietas 

By Andrea Bocelli
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