Leaflet Missal Customer Service

Welcome to Leaflet Missal online! We want your shopping experience with us to be top-notch, so we’re available to help you in several ways. If while browsing our site you come across a question that isn’t answered in the provided text or the FAQ, we invite you to reach out and contact us. You can email our Customer Service department and we will do our best to answer your question in the order received. Or you might want to give us a quick call on our toll-free phone number 1-800-328-9582, and press 2 for Customer Service when prompted. We can answer questions about product details, availability and more. Our goal is your satisfaction and we deliver...

“I would like to compliment Leaflet Missal on the exceptional customer service people that they employ… I have been in customer service for 33 years and I have seen many changes in serving the public, none of which are positive. But your company is the exception to the rule. I will not only continue to use Leaflet Missal for all my religious needs, materially, but I will highly recommend you to others. BRAVO, BRAVO…… to you and your people.”
J. Mooney




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