Fatima Mysteries

Fatima Mysteries by Gazegorz Gorny/Janusz Rosikon

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Fatima Mysteries
Mary's Message to the Modern Age
By Gazegorz Gorny/Janusz Rosikon

"The tragedies foretold in Fatima did not come to an end with the demise of Communism. The crisis has not been resolved. From a certain point of view it is still as serious as it ever was, as it is primarily a crisis of faith, hence a moral and social crisis."  - Pope Benedict XVI

This powerful quote should tell us how important the messages of Our Lady at Fatima were, are and will continue to be as the world marches ever on toward the End of Days. In this gorgeous Catholic book, you'll discover the call to prayer and pennace, the story of the shepherd children, the seers who received Mary's maternal words and her plea for humanity to repent of their sins and turn to her son and His Church.

Hardcover, 397 pages
Lavish full-color photographs and in-depth details.
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