Gregorian Chant - Together on the Way CD

Gregorian Chant - Together on the Way CD

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Norbertine Fathers of St Michael's Abbey
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13 Tracks total, all Latin. Small booklet enclosed in cover with translation of lyrics.

1. Dominabitur (Gradual, Feast of Christ the King)
2. Oremus Pro Pontifice (For the Holy Father)
3. Anima Christi (In honor of Bl. Sacrament)
4. Adoremus (In honor of Bl. Sacrament)
5. Qui Sunt Isti (Responsory, Common of Apostles)
6. Resurrexi (Introit, Easter Sunday)
7. Laetatus Sum (Gradual, 4th Sunday of Lent)
8. Cantemus (Tract, Easter Vigil)
9. Tota Pulchra Es (Hymn in honor of BVM)
10. Litany of SHJ
11. Anima Mea (Antiphon in honor of BVM)
12. Christus (Gradual, Good Friday)
13. Dum Fabricator (Antiphon, Good Friday)

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