Luke Patron and Protector Statue

Luke Patron and Protector Statue

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Saint Luke Statue

Measures 3.5

Statue and accompanying prayer card comes in a thoughtfully designed gift box. This unique package offers additional prayer text on the front and an inspiring biographical sketch on the reverse. Made of resin-stone mix.

Feast Day October 18th

Patron of artists and Doctors (first century) as the writer of the Gospel and the book "acts of the apostles ", Luke has become identified as "the beloved physician ". We know few other facts about Lukes life from Scripture and from early Church historians. It is believed that Luke was born a Greek and a Gentile and his Gospel shows special sensitivity to evangelizing Gentiles.

How Luke became a Christian we do not know, but the language of Acts shows us where he joined Paul as a follower of Jesus. Luke's writings indicate that he was the loyal comrade who strayed with Paul when he was imprisoned in Rome about the year 61. After everyone else deserted Paul in