Manual For Men by Thomas J Olmstead

Manual For Men by Thomas J Olmstead

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Manual for Men
By Bishop Thomas J Olmstead, Bishop of Phoenix
Catholic Prayer Books

Fathers. Leaders. Warriors. Each of these powerful words is a call to action for Catholic men of our day to follow in the footsteps of Christ, and give their lives in service to God, their families and the Church. But what does that mean? In this Catholic book, Bishop Olmstead provides a war chest filled with solid teachings from the Saints and tradition. Also included is a wealth of prayers to bolster the spirit and inspire one to step into the breach and step up for Jesus and souls.

Also included are topics like:
- Why the Church needs real men to fight in spiritual combat.
- The importance of prayer and the sacraments.
- The value of a patron saint, and 10 manly suggestions!
- And most importantly how Christ is the perfect model of a man.

Ultrasoft cover with ribbon marker and gilded page edges.
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