Mornings with Saint Therese by Patrica Treece

Mornings with Saint Therese by Patrica Treece

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120 Daily Readings
Compiled by: Patricia Treece
Hardcover - 199pp

Begin your day by entering into the mind of Saint Therese of Lisieux loved by millions for her wisdom and unwavering passion to serve God.

These beautiful and spiritually-enriching meditations and prayers written by St. Therese herself will leave your heart touched by her love and devotion.

Ideal for daily reflection, this lovely, hardcover Catholic book will elevate your mind toward the divine, making it perfect reading upon waking, before Mass, or anytime you feel despair or need saintly encouragement.

Read this Catholic book, and you'll soon find yourself imitating Saint Therese's virtue and applying her timeless wisdom to your daily life. Add to the cart or wish list above.