Newman on Lent by Cardinal John Henry Newman

Newman on Lent by Cardinal John Henry Newman

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These are the moving sermons that helped earn Cardinal Newman plaudits.

John Henry Newman never resorted to platitudes or mere exhortation. He wove beautiful, powerful gems from Scripture with his own keen insights into the human heart, producing masterpieces of prose and preaching. No Newman paragraph is wasted. A tiny sampling of the riches in this collection:

"Pain, which by nature leads us only to ourselves, carries on the Christian mind from the thought of self to the contemplation of Christ, His passion, His merits, and His pattern; and, thence, further to that united company of sufferers who follow Him and 'are what He is in this world.' He is the great Object of our faith; and, while we gaze upon Him, we learn to forget ourselves."

"We have all things granted to us; God has abounded in His mercies to us; we have a depth of power and strength lodged in us; but we have not the heart, we have not the will, we have not the love to use it. We lack this one thing, a desire to be new-made; and I think anyone who examines himself carefully, will own that he does, and that this is the reason why he cannot and does not obey or make progress in holiness."

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