Peter Pewter Patron Saint Statue

Peter Pewter Patron Saint Statue

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St Peter the Apostle Statue
Measures 3.5 "

Made of pewter, comes in deluxe gift box with laminated prayer card.

Enjoy this unique style of iconography in your home, schools and churches. Icons mounted on wood and covered with a durable glass like finish to present a timeless style of ancient icons.

Peter (also known as Simon) was one of the original 12 apostles. He became the leader of the apostles, after Jesus' ascension. Peter was originally from Bethsaida on the northern shore of the sea of Galilee. Peter was married. He was a fisherman with his brother Andrew. His home was in Capernaum. When Jesus called him to be an apostle, he was given the added name Cephas (Aramaic: "stone, " Greek: "Petros, " which in English is rendered as Peter). He was one of the three main apostles, along with James and John, who were chosen by Jesus to be present during certain important moments of His ministry.

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