Single for a Greater Purpose by Luanne D. Zurlo

Single for a Greater Purpose by Luanne D. Zurlo

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Single for a Greater Purpose: A Hidden Joy in the Catholic Church
By Luanne D. Zurlo

Are you single and have had an encounter with Christ that is leading you to consecrated life in the world? This incredible Catholic book has the resources you need to discern this calling from God, and how to live it joyfully.

In here discover topics like:
- Why dedicated single life is suited to our times.
- How chosen celibacy and single life leads to a beautiful, spousal relationship with Christ.
- How to follow the virtues of Obedience and Poverty outside of convent life.
- Vows that singles can take to dedicate themselves to the Lord.
- How laity living single but consecrated lives are needed nourishment for the Church today and more!

Softcover, 185 pages
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