St Benedict Mug

St Benedict Mug

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Colored medal image, and "Ora et Labora"* on reverse.
*Prayer and Work - St. Benedict

Medal of St Benedict
PAX: Peace
C.S.P.B. The cross of the Holy Father Benedict
C.S.S.M.I. May the Holy Cross be my light
N.D.S.M.D. Let not the dragon be my guide
V.R.S. Be Gone Devil!
N.S.M.V. Don't Persuade me to do Evil....
S.M.Q.L. The cup you offer is evil
I.V.B. Drink the poison yourself

Enjoy your favorite drink in this classy mug with the St. Benedict medal on one side and a summed up creed of the Rule of the Benedictine order on the reverse, "Ora et Labora", Prayer and Work. Add to your cart or wish list above.