Story Of The Nail Ornament

Story Of The Nail Ornament

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Story Of The Nail Ornament
Catholic Christmas Gifts

This unique metallic ornament reminds not only of the nails that held together the manger, where in baby Jesus lay His little head, but also the nails of the Cross that would one day bear His sacred Body. And of course, the nails that would pierce His precious hands and feet as Christ gave up His life for us. A tradition rich with holy Christian symbolism and emotions.

Story Card Reads:
Story of the Nail
Every year on our Christmas tree, we hang a nail for all to see.  A reminder of the nails of the manger where the Christ Child lay, and of those piercing His body as life drained away.  A reminder of love in the green of the tree, the greatest gift that was given to you and me.  Hanging brightly from its little red cord, the story of Jesus, our Savior, our Lord.

Measures 7 inches long with ribbon to hang.
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