The Catholic Gentleman by Sam Guzman

The Catholic Gentleman by Sam Guzman

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The Catholic Gentleman
Living Authentic Manhood Today
By Sam Guzman

Genuine. Handcrafted. Vintage. Real. These words seem to tug at our very core, inviting us to discover the timeless and the classic. In this Catholic book, get to know the meaning of real masculinity from a husband and father determined to to bring back being a gentleman. Packed with solid and practical guidance, you'll discover that there isn't just one shade of manliness, and that it's about the practice of virtue. Using the author's example, both General Patton and Mister Rogers were real men! So what virtues connect them?

Here included also is:
- Are you an authentic man?
- Why bodies matter.
- The purpose of courtesy.
- A brief guide to happy drinking.
- The Marian way and more!

Softcover, 177 pages
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