The Missionary of Wall Street by Stephen Auth

The Missionary of Wall Street by Stephen Auth

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The Missionary of Wall Street
From Managing Money to Saving Souls on the Streets of New York
By Stephen Auth

Evangelizing New Yorkers on the streets of The City to save souls? You got it! This Catholic book contains true stories of real life street preachers who approach total strangers in the hopes of bringing them the true Faith. Sometimes serious, some of these stories will make you cry, while others will inspire, and still others just give us a laugh.

What will find here?
- Real stories of real people and their very real responses!
- Inspiration to share your faith with others.
- Tips on how to find God's grace in every moment and engage in a loving and welcoming dialogue. And more!

"Are you Catholic?"
"Are you kidding? Been there, done that."
What happened then? Get this book to find out!

Softcover, 184 pages
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