Travel Size Missale Romanum

Travel Size Missale Romanum

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Our Travel Size Missale Romanum(1962), a smaller version of our own Missale Romanum(1962), is a welcome companion to any priest on the move, but also particularly needed in those chapels where the altar is not very large. High quality gold edged paper, clear typeface, and the much desired quality of "staying open" make this Missale an outstanding production. It measures 6 ½"width x 8 5/8"height x 1 5/8"depth, weighs two pounds nine ounces without the slipcase, and has 1223pp. The Travel Size Missale Romanum contains ten leather tabs, six satin ribbons, and the hardcover is made of 85% leather. It comes in a hardcover slipcase for protection when traveling.

This item also makes a wonderful gift for your priest!

**Please note that since this Missal was printed in Germany, the propers for the United States or Canada are not included and can be ordered separately.**