A Catholic Woman's Guide To Happiness by Rose Sweet

A Catholic Woman's Guide To Happiness by Rose Sweet

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A Catholic Woman's Guide To Happiness
By Rose Sweet

What if we held Heaven to be the destination of a lifetime? That super, spectacular, epic place that we want to get to so badly that we'd be willing to do endure anything to make it? In this amazing Catholic book, author Rose Sweet will share her story about how she learned not to let life's ups and downs rob her of joy.

- Practical, easy to follow steps and reflection questions that relate to our own day and times.
- Tips for how to recognize what you may need to reach more for, and what you might be holding onto too tightly.
- What hidden fears may be sapping your happiness? And how to dig them up!
- What can the holy friends of God and the mystics teach us about the interior life?

This slim, planner-sized Catholic book is perfect for taking any where or keeping by a bedside.
Hardcover, 183 pages
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