Manly Art Of Raising A Daughter by Alan Migliorato

Manly Art Of Raising A Daughter by Alan Migliorato

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Manly Art Of Raising A Daughter
By Alan Migliorato

If you'd like raise up a Godly and spiritually guarded woman of faith, the men of Christian homes need to put family first and follow the example of the Good Shepherd in their houses. In these pages, written by a father of three daughters of his own, he will give you advice learned by life experience on how to connect with her (or them!) to have a beautiful father/daughter relationship.

What else is here?
- How to heal a damaged relationship with your daughter.
- Why it's important that you know her friends, and how to go about it.
- How to navigate dealing with a boyfriend.
- Five signs that she's addicted to social media, and what to do.
And more!

Softcover, 131 pages
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Witty, humorous, and filled with great advice, this book is one of my all time favorites. I purchased this book for my daughter to give to her husband. He is a good dad, but can definitely use some of the advice for the up and coming years in his daughters life. I also like the way the author states that supporting your wife is one of the most important things you can do for your daughters. Seeing how a man is supposed to treat a woman and setting the example is important.
Review by Dec. Bill / (Posted on 3/28/2019)
I love this book!
I love this book. I have red, and re-read this book a dozen times since it was given to me as a gift a couple of months ago. I am pleased to say that I was made to grow as a real man by being challenged by the author to go outside my comfort zone. I now have a fantastic relationship with my daughter and my wife too! This book is a must read!
Review by Neelz / (Posted on 2/26/2019)