Memento Mori Bones Rosary

Memento Mori Bones Rosary

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Memento Mori* Bones Rosary
Unique Catholic Rosaries for Lenten Devotion

Solemn and stunning, this Catholic rosary features durable black paracord, paired with silver cylinder shaped Hail Mary beads that hint of bones strung together. The centerpiece is a metallic skull, reminding us of our mortality and that we will one day die and stand before the Lord Jesus, our soul awaiting His judgement. The practice of Memento Mori is one that many Saints practiced; by focusing on death, we remind ourselves that in terms of eternity, our time here is short, and we should practice detachment and turn our attention toward care of the soul.

*Latin for, "Remember that you have to die."
Measures 20 inches long, 13MM steel Our Father beads, silver and black enamel St. Benedict medal crucifix.
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